Mar 22, 2010

Should Your Company Be On FaceBook and Twitter?

A recent article from Webpro News discusses the importance of having your company/brand on Facebook and Twitter.

60% of Facebook fans and 79% of twitter followers were much more likely to buy and recommend a product after becoming a fan or follower. Large percentages of these people believe a company is out of touch by not having a twitter account or facebook presence.

My question is "Should every business try and create a following on twitter, and or facebook"? What if you're company sells gas station parts, or packing tape? Does it make sense to try and establish a presence for them?

I'm starting to think perhaps it does even if you don't get a big following. Facebook gets 400k new users per week, and more traffic than Google. By using the function you can see what people are talking about in twitter land perhaps picking up on valuable information for your business. It's another way to get more exposure and market your brand and products.

As a Web SEO Consultant I advised a client of mine to get established on Facebook and Twitter who was in the apartment finding business. Once we got her set up it wasn't hard to get a nice following on both. The more people talk about you the better as long as its positive obviously.

Facebook and Twitter helps to improve your link profile. You should already have relevant quality back links pointing to your website. Establishing profiles on Facebook and twitter allows you to have links from the two most trafficked social media sites giving you a more well rounded link profile.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.