Nov 14, 2009

How To Get Free Back Links To Your Niche Websites and Blogs

I wanted to share something I have been testing for a while now, which has proven to work me. However, I would only recommend this for affiliate type of websites or building links to web 2.0 properties, not to client sites - if you have them.

As you probably know back links to your websites are key to ranking well in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Not only back links but back links that have your keyword in anchor text and on industry related websites.

The network I use sometimes for these affiliate sites has thousands of blogs in many different industries. The people who run it do a lot of SEO for corporate and business clients, and offer a great system for webmasters, SEOs, and affiliate marketers.

Here is how it works. When you write an article you distribute it to 30 related blogs. Within your article you're allowed two back links as long as the article is at least 450 words in length.

Bigger article directories like Ezine Articles I recommend not using an article spinner. Stick to just writing a quality unique article. Well written articles at ezine articles can get re published by other webmasters looking for content, and as a result you benefit from having links in the resource box.

Using a software like magic article rewriter is perfect for free traffic system. Once you have a significant portion of your article spun including titles, it will put it in the format FTS needs to distribute to the 30 blogs with one click.

Lets say you have a website that deals with "cell phones". You would type in key words related to your market or website theme. From there a list of related blogs will show in a list, and you choose which ones you want to submit your spun article to. Free traffic system will take a unique version of your article and submit to 3-4 blogs per day until it reaches all 30 blogs you chose. Very SEO friendly.

However, this is just one way to get back links. You should always seek out links from websites that link to your competitors, and various other sources to give your site a good linking profile Google will like. My strategy using free traffic system is to build up the web 2.0 property and pass the PR juice to my site.

What really is Free Traffic System?

Lets say you own a Wordpress blog and you want a way to get content on a consistent basis without having to write hundreds of articles yourself or pay someone to write articles for you.
Article writers like me who are looking for specific themed websites to put my content on will submit articles to your blog. Depending how popular the theme of your blog is will determine how many articles you get per day or per week. Its very simple and easy to use. You have complete control over your blog and the content that gets placed on it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this useful info. keeep update same way. Good luck !

    Ramesh Roy

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful info. keeep update same way. Good luck !

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