Jun 19, 2009

Affordable SEO Package And Services

An affordable SEO Package in today's economy is very important today more than ever. Small and medium sized businesses need affordable SEO services that can help them stay ahead of their local competitors or to surpass them.

It's no secret that most SEO companies will charge thousands of dollars in monthly fees for SEO services not to mention the set up fees . I know, I used to sell and present SEO services to local and national sized business and the fees we charged were extremely expensive. Unless you have a huge marketing budget you most likely will not be able to afford SEO services for your business.

My goal is to provide affordable SEO services for cities like Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Indianapolis. Most local businesses in these cities know first hand how expensive SEO services are and I want to offer a better and more affordable way.

SEO is not rocket science but you must have a good strategy to rank well in your local market. A website must be search engine friendly first and foremost. If your site is not properly optimized for the key phrases you are targeting you have no chance. Once your site is set up correctly then it is time to begin the work that is necessary to make your site popular online.

Many SEOs have their own techniques and I definitely have my own to help small business rank well online. However you will find many SEOs who are not very upfront with what they plan on doing for you. If you feel like you are not getting straight forward information from an SEO consultant then you probably should not trust they know what they're doing. The last thing you need is a shaddy consultant who gets your site banned and your brand is destroyed.

Matt Cutts of Google said the same thing in in a video he did where he was answering questions from people all over the world who had specific SEO questions. And I agree, SEOs should be completely transparent about what they intend to do with your site etc.

Here is a video with Matt Cutts discussing this:

Since my focus is on local small and medium size businesses I have no need for an elaborate SEO campaign and strategy. For most small businesses a successful SEO campaign could last 4-6 months. Then after that a will be sufficient. Links will tend to drop off over time so it's important to stay consistent with your link building campaigns. I have very affordable link building services to accommodate my small business clients.

I also feel it is very important to be upfront about how long it can take for results. Because there are many SEOs out there who set unrealistic expectations you will come across SEOs who are disingenuous. Results differ from company to company and industry to industry. There are many factors that go into how well you rank online so its important to be honest with business owners about what to expect.

I see a resemblance with SEOs and mortgage brokers. Mortgage brokers got a lot of bad press (and deservingly so) because they set so many false expectations with homeowners. They told people what they wanted to hear to get their business. SEOs are doing the same thing and it makes me sick especially when you are trying to be honest and upfront. Business owners buy into what these guys are telling them and as a result you find other SEOs duplicating this just to be able to compete.

At the same time business owners should not expect to have any guarantees either. SEO is not an exact science. Programming for example is an exact science. We know that if you put the proper code here or there things will function properly the way it is supposed to. SEO is not like that at all and its unfair for a business owner to put demands on results and expect guarantees.

However, it's my belief that if the SEO is transparent and upfront and can show he/she knows what he's talking about then the business owner will feel comfortable that he will get what he pays for.

I am glad I was raised right and have integrity. So with that being said I do not plan on giving you a bunch of bull crap and telling you that I guarantee you this or that. Google and the other search engines can change their algorithms with no warning which could then affect your rankings. It's just a fact. So when you hear an SEO tell you they will guarantee you anything other than how hard they will work for you, throw up a red flag and move on. Remember my mortgage broker comparison. It's the truth.

Some campaigns will take longer depending on the competition of the key words we are targeting. Of course every client is different and I look at each client as being unique. But as I stated earlier SEO is not rocket science and there are strategies that have proven to work very well with businesses in their local area.

For a completely transparent proposal to help you succeed in Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing) please contact me, Brad Long at 630-699-2036 or my email at SEO4Rankings@gmail.com.


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