Jul 27, 2009

Google Local Business Listings

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SEO Services Chicago Just Got A Little Better!

In today's competitive Online market small and medium sized businesses that don't have the luxury of huge corporate like budgets are looking for ways to compete Online. Companies are spending thousands of dollars per month for search engine optimization services paying SEO Consultants enormous consulting fees.

Being a SEO Consultant myself and having experience working for SEO Firms I know first hand these SEO Services are expensive and most small business owners cannot afford them. I have taken a new direction and decided to offer Affordable SEO Services for Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Indianapolis, San Diego, and other cities and states around the country to small and medium sized business owners.

The best way for a business owner in Chicago for example to increase his/her online business is to optimize for local search in Google, Yahoo, and MSN or Bing. More than 100,000,000 searches are performed every day on Google and over half of those are for local businesses. Not too long ago you could go to Google or yahoo and look for something like "florist in Chicago" and not see any relevant results. Google recognized this and changed the game.

Hence the development of Google Local Business listings. So now when someone types in "Florists in Chicago" you will see all the relevant business listings at the top of page one in Google for companies located in Chicago who are in the florists business.

Google's goal is control the search market so they saw this as a necessary next step because they make a large portion of their money from the Pay Per Click ads you see along the right side on just about every search results page. The more people using their search engine and seeing their ads the more advertisers are willing to pay and the more money Google makes. Life is great for Google!

Statistics show that almost 90% of people today who are looking for goods and services are going to the search engines to find what they are looking for and Google gets a dominant amount of that action.

So the question is are you taking advantage of this huge amount local search? The Yellow pages are pretty much gone in case you have not noticed. Now with Google local search, Yahoo Local Search, and the new Bing local search you can take advantage of this traffic coming to your website to increase your sales and get more repeat business. You should not only see more sales and website traffic but the prestige of being at the top of page one in Google will brand you as a company or business. Have you struggled with branding your business? What do you think would happen if your site was at the top of page one for the 4 most commonly searched phrases? That would pretty much solve your branding problem right there.

So what do you have to do to get there? Well there are necessary critical steps needed in order to make this work properly.

Google allows you to pick 4 categories that are related directly to your business. So when someone types in something related to your city and your key phrase, you will be listed at the top of Google page one if you are properly optimized.

To better illustrate what I am talking about I would like to show you an example of a Google Local Chicago Business listing just in case you are confused. If you Click here you will see a search for "Chicago Personal Injury Attorneys".

Obviously this searcher was specifically looking for an attorney in Chicago and more specifically looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago. If you're a Personal Injury Attorney in Chicago it would be pretty sweet to be listed at top of this page right? This same search would look way different if you just typed in "Personal Injury Attorneys". But being a local attorney in Chicago you want to take advantage of clients who need your service in Chicago. Make sense?

Getting back to the steps needed to make sure you have an optimized listing. First.
Your website needs to optimized properly. What that means is all the coding, meta tags, good title tags, descriptions, keywords, keyword research, text copy written in your website, alt tags, footers etc etc needs to be optimized so that it is relevant in Google's eyes to make sure they are offering the best results possible for the people who are using their search engine.

Once that is done there are more things you as a business owner need to do to make your listing optimized. Company Videos, Pictures, Reviews, well written text, and all the normal business listing information needs to be done.

Since Google gives you 4 categories for local search results it is very critical to have them chosen correctly that best matches your business and website. You need to know what you are doing from a SEO standpoint. SEO Companies will typically offer this in addition to their normal monthly Online Marketing and SEO Services and I have not seen this service offered as a stand alone.

As a SEO Consultant who works with small and medium sized businesses I am offering to manage all of this for you for only $57 per month. There will be a small set up fee because I will have to spend a certain number of hours doing research making sure your website is optimized correctly.

The best listings have videos. I am not talking about Hollywood videos I mean simple 50 second videos with pictures and text. I will create these types of videos for your Local Business listing and helps you stand out. The other things good listings have are good photos, reviews and well written copy so that the searcher wants to click over to your website. Most business owners do not know how to do this and if they did they have no time so for only $57 per month this should be a no brainer.

Ultimately the goal is get your business listing and website at the top Google page one in each of your categories. If you have more than one location you could have a double listing which makes you stand out even more.

As a business owner you should know the value of having local clients doing business face-to-face and if your website is not optimized for local search you are missing it the boat.

As a Chicago SEO Consultant I am only one guy with a small network of talented people who work with me so this offer is going to be limited.

Here is what you get as part of my SEO Services and your business listed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing:

  • Keyword research finding the most searched and targeted words people are using to seek out your business

  • Code done for your home page of your website so that you are set up and optimized and ready for the local search traffic

  • How to add positive reviews posted in your business listing

  • Your listing optimized and set up so that you maximize the number of clicks to your website

  • On going consultation and advice to better help your website in the search engines for organic results

If you are concerned that your website will not be structured for national searches or you will not be able to target national types of searches do not worry about that. I know exactly how to set up your website and listings so you can take advantage of both local and national searches in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Please contact me at 773-360-1482 or email: seo4rankings@gmail.com for more information.

If you call me please be able to be in front of your computer so I can walk you through a few things and show you business listing examples.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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